Last but not least, many start-ups do not yet have the scale that warrants full time positions for functions such as Finance, Marketing and Sales. In that case, founders need to trade off the cost of adding resources with questionable quality / proficiency with the opportunity cost of spreading the existing management too thin.


CXOanywhere provides start-ups with easy and fast access to fractional resources that bring a wealth of experience gathered with world leading businesses. If your team is missing critical skill sets CXOanywhere helps you quickly fill gaps in your existing team quickly based on a variable cost model.

Investors – be it angels, VCs or private equity firms want to ensure that their investment dollars are managed professionally and their odds for a successful exit are increased. If you are an investor, CXOanywhere provides a single point of contact for your portfolio companies to source experienced resources across a broad range of functions to build success faster and with more predictable outcomes.   

For founders and CEOs of start-ups, finding the right resources is not only time consuming but represents a major distraction for the management team. Without money to spend on professional recruiting, start-ups often turn to their personal networks – be it family and friends – for help and resources. However this approach typically means compromising on the quality of the resources, which will compromise your chances of success.



Furthermore, start-ups also face challenges in attracting experienced staff as they are challenged to pay competitive salaries and do not want to give up equity.




Jochen “Joe” Renz, Co - Founder

Prior to co-founding CXOanywhere Joe served as the VP of Sales Enablement at CA. Across his career he lead large consulting and sales operations teams including P&L responsibility of CA’s USD 1bn+ EMEA business.

Joe brings a wealth of experience in streamlining operations .....

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Alexander “Alex” Renz, Co - Founder

Prior to co-founding CXOanywhere Alex was Global Director of Product Management at Infor with responsibility for solution vision and strategy, messaging and positioning and sales enablement. His cross-functional tasks included responsibility for the “Internet of Things” …..

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Scott H. Margolin, Co - Founder

Prior to co-founding CXOanywhere Scott has provided senior finance leadership to public companies worldwide, principally within the entertainment, media, and technology industries, which have included heavyweights such as FOX Television and Warner Music. Scott has also held leadership positions with global brands …..

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Eli Goodrich, Co - Founder

Eli Goodrich has a successful track record with both large enterprise software vendors as well as new business startups. Currently, Eli is a partner in CXOanywhere. Recently, Eli is involved with Game Changer Sales, an independent organization delivering sales revenue, business development, and marketing services …..

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Brian F. Califano, Co - Founder

Prior to co-founding CXOanywhere Brian has provided senior finance leadership at some of the biggest names in the media and entertainment industry, including the McGraw-Hill Companies, Viacom and the National Hockey League. He successfully guided CA Technologies during its probation period …..

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CXOanywhere provides organizations with easy and fast access to fractional resources that bring a wealth of experience gathered with world leading businesses.

For Start-Ups that struggle to balance growth with their cost structure, CXOanywhere provides fast access to world-class resources with variable costs that help the founding team to focus on what they do best.

For companies that have a management structure in place, the need may arise to quickly augment the skill and capabilities / bandwidth of the existing staff with outside resources. Your company might be preparing for an IPO or your demand generation may have exhausted the founder’s networks in the search for lighthouse customers. Or you simply look for ways to grow the pipeline quickly leveraging the expertise of fractional CXOs.

As Start-Up’s grow, they need to start building a management team and formalize processes to scale growth. In many cases, the founders will not have the necessary experiences or skills to take their business to the next level on their own. Depending on where the company is with regards to size, growth trajectory and funding, hiring full time resources may not be possible or advisable in view of the limited workload.


Enterprise Sales to Fortune 100 customers. Generated over 2mm EURO in revenue from the USA annually.

Market Opportunity Analysis and Market Entry  Strategy for a German company in the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) software market.

Integration and U.S. GAAP treatment of an international acquisition into a U.S. based company.

US Government sales to key organizations, generating over 1.5mm USD in revenue annually.

Managed the Strategic Planning and subsequent Capital Raise for a Start-Up.

Built the Financial Infrastructure of a rapidly expanding Start-Up to enable scale.

Operational Support of US Market Entry for an Austrian company in the Augmented Reality space.

Depending on the skill set of the founder team, CXOanywhere provides fractional CXO services with experienced, senior resources in the following areas:

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